Heavily Damaged or Corroded Wheels & Colour Changes

Heavily Damaged & Corroded Wheel Repairs

Heavily damaged and corroded wheel repairs involve a meticulous restoration process to bring wheels back to their original condition or as close as possible. Initially, the wheel is thoroughly inspected to assess the extent of the damage and corrosion.

Any dirt, brake dust, and rust are removed to get a clear view of the affected areas. The repair process may include stripping the existing finish, sanding down the damaged areas, and filling in any gouges or pits with a high-quality filler. For corrosion, especially on alloy wheels, the affected areas are treated with a corrosion inhibitor before any filling and sanding. Once the wheel surface is smooth and free from defects, it is primed, painted, and finished with a clear coat to protect against future damage and corrosion.

This not only restores the aesthetic appeal of the wheels but also ensures their structural integrity, enhancing the vehicle’s safety and performance. The exact repair techniques can vary depending on the wheel’s material and the severity of the damage.

Alloy Wheel Colour Changes

Recolouring alloy wheels is a popular customisation technique that not only enhances the appearance of a vehicle but can also refresh old or worn wheels. The process begins with the wheels being removed from the vehicle and thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, grime, and brake dust. The existing finish is then stripped away to ensure the new colour adheres properly. This is followed by repairing any minor scratches or dents to achieve a smooth surface.

The next step involves priming the wheels to prepare them for the new colour. Once primed, the wheels are carefully sprayed with the chosen colour. High-quality automotive paints are used to ensure durability and resistance to the elements. After the colour coat, a clear lacquer is applied to protect the paint, enhance the gloss finish, and ensure the colour lasts for years to come.

Finally, the wheels are left to cure and dry thoroughly before being refitted to the vehicle. Recolouring not only gives the wheels a new lease of life but also allows for personalisation, matching the wheels to the car’s colour scheme or creating a unique contrast that stands out. This process can dramatically transform the look of a vehicle, making it a popular choice for car enthusiasts looking to customise their ride.

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